Niclas Glader has played ice hockey since 4 years, he started in Kungsbacka and played there until he reached 21 years. He then moved north to Umeå, where he played a season for Teg SK. After that season he put his own skates on the shelf and chose to move on in the coach career and with his specialty: powerskating. As a dedicated hockey coach, he is now inspiring players of all ages for better skating techniques. He holds the majority of camper in Sweden, Norway, Spain and more every season and has also coached the Västerbotten Ice Hockey Federation in "Skating Execellente", and is practicing both junior and professional.

"I really love the game of hockey. I love to educate people of all ages and see how they evolve. I am young and driven, and have no problems showing exercises. I have the ability to get the players to think powerskating is fun. It's my top priority that they think it's fun, because if they do not think skating is fun, they will not put down the energy and effort needed to get better. What I'm doing is unique and there are very few in Sweden who are dealing with this. Take the chance to practice your skating in a fun and challenging way! I have kept many skatingcamps with highly educated leaders, received new exercises and tips but also shared my message. I've been training with leaders who regularly train NHL and AHL players. Then I can only go to myself and realize how much better I've become as a skater in the years I teached powerskating! There is nothing called "It's impossible" 
- Niclas Glader


"Great things never came from comfort zones"