Glader Powerskating offers training/education for coaches and leaders. Glader has previously arranged Skating Excellente for the Västerbotten Ice Hockey Federation. It consisted of a full day in Skellefteå (2 ice sessions and 1 theory) and a full day in Umeå (2 ice sessions and 1 theory). Skating Excellente is a training course in the skating grounds. The layout may look like the following:
ce session 1 - A lot of basics, this gives many great tips on simple exercises for younger children to learn the right things in a fun way.
Ice session 2 - We adapt to older players and get many puck moments in the exercises.
Theory: We are talking about the basics of skating and how important it is. What happens during a icehockeygame. This is an example and layout can of course be adapted to your requirements.